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Jawahar Jacket Collections

A tailored sleeveless jacket with mandarin collar, falling just to the hip, Jawahar Jacket, was popularized by late Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru in the 1940’s. It has inspired some of the most striking personalities, world over, including The Beatles & James Bond. Limras Fashion is known for its wide range of Jawahar Jackets. These are available in various styles, cuts & fabrics like linen, silk & khadi for summers; velvet, tweed & suede for the winters; jute & premium TR for the whole year round. Jawahar Jacket is best complimented with shirts & trousers/jeans or Kurta Pajama. A classy and ostentatious choice, both for daily wear and festive occasions. Having at least a couple of Jawahar Jackets is a must in any wardrobe. sure to grab one.